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I have developed an immense hatred for sarcasm, and thus, anything I have posted here containing sarcasm will be deleted. Its not clever, its very rarely funny, its often misused and worst of all, its VERY inflammatory. If I just come out and call someone a whore, thats often much less insulting than using some sarcastic device to imply that they are a whore. Why would anyone want to do that? I am guilty of using too much sarcasm and that ends today.

I think the worst thing about sarcasm is how damn arrogant it sounds. In some contexts, it might not sound arrogant, but that is the exception. Whatever, I am sick of writing now.

Not really. Everyones been bugging me to read "Society of the Spectacle" by Guy Debord and I finally did. Good book. I recommend it.

Why is this so boring?

Im tired.

Anyway, the reason I mentioned that book is because I was going to bitch about how much I hate these moronic kids who are ruining the video game industry by being fanboys. Brand loyalty of any kind is so dumb. Video games are kind of like sports. In sports, there are so many moronic fans who drown out the intelligent fans. Not that I like sports but part of the reason I hate them is because of all the idiots who drool over it.

The same thing is happening in video games.

I shouldnt be updating this today, im just not feelin it. The words aint flowin.


One of my friends used to say "bet" instead of "bye" and it was funny.
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