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Crushed ice is the biggest SCAM in the fast food industry.

This is why I never go to sonic. THEY ALL USE CRUSHED ICE. So, I was at taco bell the other day and I noticed I finished my drink faster than usual and the cup was still very heavy. I opened it up to find, yes, CRUSHED ICE. Do they think we dont notice this SCAM. I pay for 16 OUNCES OF DRINK. NOT 12 OUNCES OF CRUSHED FUCKING ICE AND 4 OUNCES OF DRINK.

See, the crushed ice falls into your cup and fits together like a jigsaw puzzle leaving very little room for the actual drink. I havent ever actually measured the drink content of a cup full of crushed ice vs a cup with regular cube ice but one day I shall do it and expose this MENACE TO THE WORLD.

McDonalds is very generous, not only do they use cube ice, they use rectangular ice that has one side rounded outward like a lens. This ensures that absolutely no jigsaw-puzzle-esque fitting-together of the pieces will occur. Some places use rectangular ice with indentations on 2 of the sides that actually reduces the total amount of displacement caused by the ice cube.

So I have this heavy ass cup full of ice in front of me. Everytime I pick it up and notice its heft, I think, oh yes there is a lot of drink in here! but NO.


so, lets reduce to the absurd.

what if Sonic started using ice so small that it was almost like a snow cone. Then, they took a big rod and packed the ice down and put more in. Then they poured the drink in. That would fit like, one shot glass of drink.

This would certainly be illegal, wouldnt it?

So LEGALLY, where is the line drawn? What is the minimum diameter of ice that is allowed by law for drinks sold in fast food restaurants? HMM??

I have a feeling there is no established standard but there certainly should be. Sonic, by the way, charges you extra if you ask for less ice. This means they KNOW and the people KNOW the scam they are pulling. Ridiculous.
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